Video Marketing

Video marketing is essential because online video consumption is HUGE.

With Youtube becoming the second most-used search engine to Google, it has never been a better time for small businesses to jump on the incredible opportunity of online video.

We’re a TV generation

And because of that we’ve all been conditioned to get our information and entertainment in the form of video. When you include video to your website you instantly increase your visitor traction. Your potential customers will spend more time on your page, learn more about you and what you do and you overall conversions will be MUCH higher.

But that’s just the start. Because search engines are always crawling the web and looking for new content. Fresh videos are picked up every few minutes and tend to rank very well… IF they are optimized properly and promoted effectively.

If I don’t know how to do something, I will watch a video or three to learn. Do you do that? How many people do you know who do the same? And how can you use that awareness to impact your business?

A Secret: There is usually a lot less competition for the ranking of videos in searches, than the ranking of websites. So there is A LOT of potential to get yourself noticed. Not only will people link to and view your videos, but they will sometimes put your videos on their websites as well!

Whether you want to;

…let us help design and implement your online video marketing strategy.

Statistics on Video Marketing

If you’re still wondering whether video marketing is really that important, consider these findings from the comScore May 2011 U.S. Online Video Rankings:

That’s a lot of numbers, but what stood out to me is one simple reality: Like many of your prospects and customers, I’m one of the 83.3 percent who watches online video. And I’m sure I saw my 15.9 hours worth of online video last month.