Are You Using Google+ Effectively?

Since Google+ is now recognized as the Avis of the social media sites behind Facebook, with more than 540 million registered monthly users, and the +1 button getting pressed more than 5 billion times each day, maybe it’s time to see just how much this goliath can do for your small business.

With the chance for better search rankings, and targeted direct traffic coming from your efforts it can really pay off to optimize your Google+ property. Let’s look into some ways to do this.

How to benefit from your Google+ Page

Here are 5 ways for you to help yourself with your Google+ page.

  • Make sure to complete your profile – An incomplete profile, especially for a business, is a sign that you aren’t perhaps as together as you’d like them to believe. By using every part of the profile, this will ensure that you are more likely to rank well in search as well get direct traffic from Google+. This is true for all social media profiles. Use this as an opportunity to make your business shine!
  • Take advantage of Google+ features – Connecting with people, creating circles, posting content and targeted messaging are all ways for you to leverage the opportunities afforded you on this growing and powerful social media platform.
  • Make sure you use the Google +1 button – Asking your readers to share using the +1 button, and ensuring it is available and prominent are painless ways to get more visitors, as well as a wider reach than you are capable of reaching through your own contacts.
  • Don’t forget to optimize your Title and URLs – The old format Google+ used for your pages went something like this: Why not instead use a far more friendly format: Your Site Name – Google+. This helps in the search results along with making it far easier for people to respond to your page.
  • Use the links that are allowed! – There are link opportunities that you can take advantage of inside your profile that are dofollow. These are links in your introduction along with links to other websites. You’ll want to take advantage of this!

A well-done Google+ page will bring your site authority, along with surprisingly abundant direct traffic. If you haven’t yet done this, it’s high time to include Google+ in your marketing mix!