Understanding Social Media Marketing for Small Business

We all know that social media has wormed its way into almost every aspect of our modern lives. We are sharing, liking, checking-in, pinning, following, vining and lurking at a ever increasing pace.  In just the past few years we’ve witnessed the tremendous rise of social media and it is pervading the online consciousness of Internet users from all over the globe.

As local business owners, we know that this is having an effect on every aspect of our marketing – from customer attractions to conversion and even ongoing retention.  Hubspot reported in a 2014 report that as much as 92% of marketers surveyed cited the importance of social media marketing for their business.

So with almost 100% of businesses recognizing the importance of being “on” social media the problem lies not in having a social media presence but how businesses can and should put social media to good use. From a small business perspective, social media marketing is more than just merely gaining likes, fans, repins and retweets.

A recent article and inforgraph shared on business2community.com titled “Top 8 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Business” talks about some of the funemental considerations local businesses need to be aware of as they plan and decide thier social media strategy.

Here is an overview of the 8 Benefits of Social Media Marketing noted in the article;

  1. Increases Website Traffic and Search Ranking
  2. Generates Leads at Minimum Costs
  3. Boosts Content Marketing
  4. Increases Brand Awareness
  5. Legitimizes Your Brand
  6. Increases Sales
  7. Gives You Great Audience Insight
  8. Improves Brand Loyalty

Being ACTIVE on social media and providing content that is fun, engaging and helpful to your target demographic has become a critical first step for local businesses who are looking to not fall behind in today’s rapidly evolving local marketing landscape.

Is it time to bring your marketing into the social media era?  Our expertize is helping local businesses legitimize and expand their brand’s reputation to gain more customers and dominate their marketplace.  To have a conversation with one of our social content marketing experts here at Screaming Tree Media, simply drop us a line on our contact page – we’d love to meet with you and learn about your business.