Should Small Business Be Using PPC Ads?

A lot of small business owners may have never considered the possibility of using pay per click ads for marketing their local business. That’s unfortunate, because there are several advantages to doing this.

We’re going to take a moment to look at why PPC for local business is a good idea, and check out why you need to begin embracing it if you haven’t already.

Four terrific reasons why PPC works well in local marketing

You’ll get near instant traffic – While it can take lots of time and much effort to secure a top organic search engine result, with PPC it can be fairly instantaneous. Set up your campaign properly and you can have targeted visitors in minutes. In addition to that, you also benefit from the considerable amount of data that this generates, items such as keyword effectiveness, which ads are working and more.

Hog the first page – Getting an organic listing on Google is great, but that can take ages and can disappear overnight for no apparent reasons. Why not own a top PPC listing on page one that’s a lot harder to get rid of? This will help you push your competition down or off the page, and will also serve to give your brand more credibility and authority in the eyes of your searchers.

The ability to target your customers and prospects – With advanced demographic targeting tools available, you can target only consumers who live in a particular area, are of a particular gender, or many other factors.

You can use remarketing – You’ve most likely had this happen to you; you’re searching and you see the same ads popping up. It’s no coincidence: the ad networks are pursuing you with ads you have expressed an interest in. Although it may seem a bit like stalking, remarketing is a fact of online advertising life, and you might as well get your goods and services in front of interested eyes as much as you can. Bottom line is, it works extremely well!