Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Increase your business using Local SEO

Whether you are a mortgage broker, realtor, carpet cleaner, builder – ALL local businesses can become stronger and make more money through effective local SEO (search engine optimisation). Screaming Tree Media offers local SEO tools to help local businesses.

What is local SEO?

(aka Search Enginge Optimization)

How your business shows up to your local customers at exactly where and when they’re looking for the types of products and services your business offers is local SEO. And in today’s day and age it is fast becoming the most effective form of local marketing you can do.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, along with business directories like Yelp, CitySearch, N49 and are some of the “new” tools that consumers are now using to find local businesses. And literally MILLIONS of local customers use these services every day to find the best local businesses in their area

Unlike the traditional advertising methods such as dropping fliers, paying for money mailers or putting an ad in a local paper which may or may not be seen by someone interested in your service – for the first time ever, online marketing can actually reach your local customers exactly when they are looking for your product or service because they need it and are ready to buy it.

And don’t kid yourself in believing that those new customers are just ‘online customers’. The fact is that they are very ‘real customers’ who are turning in droves to the internet to find local businesses to spend their money with.

“Effective Local Online Marketing promotes your business
(i.e. your name, your services, address, phone number etc.) . . . NOT just your website!”

When you have an effective online marketing strategy working for you, your prospective new customers will call you or walk through your front door not simply visit your website.

Top 5 Reasons Local SEO Will Attract New Customers To Your Business

1. Local customers are switching to the internet to find local businesses

According to the Kelsey Group research firm – over 70% of North American households now using the internet as THE information source when shopping locally for products and services so it’s become obvious that old school advertising methods like phone books and newspapers just won’t cut it on their own anymore.

2. The number of online searches for local businesses is growing

With the number of households having multiple internet devices such as PC’s, laptops, smart phones and tablets on the rise more & more people are looking for local information & businesses via search engines like Google.

3. Local search marketing is highly targeted & timely

Ranking well in local search engines and promoting yourself properly in online directories presents your business to local customers at exactly the moment they’re looking for your business. Naturally there’s no better time to connect with a potential customer then when they really need you.

4. Great return on investment

Unlike other forms of advertising (e.g. newspapers, fliers, radio etc…) with local SEO there is little wasted exposure. You reach potential customers when they need you not when they don’t. This makes local SEO both efficient and cost-effective. In fact recent stats are showing that where traditional advertising media is barely reaching breakeven ROI’s (return on investment) – local online marketing is seeing up to 15:1 ROI

5. Many of your competitors are just waking up to the opportunities of local online marketing

Most local businesses haven’t completely come to grips with online marketing yet. In fact it’s estimated that only 10% of businesses have claimed their free Google Places local listings so far. But with all of the telephone solicitors and print directories trying to create online revenues for themselves this is rapidly changing. The point is the door is wide open for you to get a head start before your competitors wise-up and it gets more competitive. Strike while the iron’s hot.

And if you need an 6th reason to grow your business through local online marketing then here’s an ethical reason for choosing local SEO – it’s Green & Eco-friendly

These trends are strong now and they’re only going to get stronger and more significant in the future. Now is the time for you to take advantage of local search engine optimisation and boost your business before your competitors boost theirs.