Screaming Tree Media delivers performance driven marketing solutions for a wide variety of local businesses who want more customers, more leads for less cost.

We are a full service Internet and Digital Marketing Agency. We design and build award winning, fully optimised websites and advanced lead generation and client conversion systems.

Reputation Marketing

Having a 5 star online reputation has become critical in order to excel as a local business. With all the competition in any given city, most people rely on referrals and online reviews when deciding on which business to choose...

Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Team of SEO service experts performs extensive competitive research and keyword research, develops a Market Domination ranking portfolio, then monitors and analyzes your analytics, makes all your on page SEO recommendations, monitors your online reputation and much, much more.

Website Design

Our Website Design team can create highly impactful, professional design styles for your site geared towards increasing your conversions and search engine traffic. We test, measure, and find which design layout converts the best. Our designers can create mobile website designs to allow your message to transfer onto tablets and smartphones in the most appealing way.

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing team will promote your brand, engage others and help you to increase your Facebook Likes, Blog reader, YouTube Subscribers and Twitter Followers. Social media is where everyone’s eyes are these days in term of online marketing, and even the search engines look to factors from social media in their ranking formulas.

Video Marketing

Our Video Marketing team creates cool, highly optimized videos for your site and your online video sharing properties to increase your brand, backlinks and online exposure through viral engagement marketing.

When you’re working with us on your internet marketing efforts, you have all of our team resources striving to take you business new levels of success through cutting edge marketing deployment. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, our reputation, our cutting edge services, and our amazing customer service.

If you would like to speak with us to see if we are a good fit with you, please contact us. I’d love to add another happy client to our client testimonials page.