How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO

If you’re writing regular blog posts someone by now has surely told you you need to make sure you optimize them for SEO.


I get it. Most writers aren’t up to speed on what it takes to properly optimize for the search engines. For that matter, most SEOs aren’t either, but that’s another blog post.

Many are confused however at exactly how they should accomplish optimizing their blog posts for SEO. The thing is, basic optimization is very easy, and you’ll be far ahead of your competition once you finish reading this post! Take a look at these 5 tips that will help you optimize your blog posts quickly and easily.

5 Blog post optimization tips

1. Do some keyword research – Search engines operate via keywords. If they don’t know what keywords you are targeting, you might not show up for the terms you hope to be found for. Make this easy by identifying these and several secondary terms prior to writing your post, so you’ll be able to use them in the title, body and tags of your post.

2. Make your content fun to read – Readers online typically scan a page, so it’s your job to ensure pause. The best ways to do this are by using lots of headlines, visuals and videos. Don’t pound them with long stretches of text, or they’re out of here!

3. Entice with compelling headlines – Remember that people love to skim? A good way to slow them down a bit is by inserting a headline that either raises a question or makes a claim that they have to find out about.

4. Enable social sharing – Be sure your blog is linked up to your social media channels, and that your buttons are prominently displayed on each post. These days it is a social world, and you want to extend your reach as far as possible.

5. Are you using responsive design? – Since more than half of all blog posts are now first read on a mobile device, you must be sure yours are displaying properly. Responsive design will ensure that you are seen clearly across any platform.