Increase Engagement on your Facebook Business Page

Practically anyone you talk to these days regarding Facebook laments on the subject of getting more people engaged on their Facebook business page. Often they will look to software for pumping up their Likes to get more traction, when in reality, a strategy based on sound simple tactics will work more wonder than they ever imagined.

Fortunately there are a few easy ways to set yourself up for encouraging more engagement on your page, and they aren’t that difficult to implement. Let’s look into a few of these.

5 Simple tips to make your Facebook page more engaging

Use memorable visuals – From your cover photo to the imagery you use in posts, work to employ original, imminently sharable choices. Endeavor to make every image one you would share yourself.

Use call to actions in your cover photo – A recent addition to your arsenal is the ability to add one of 7 different calls to action into your cover image. Many times this can be useful to encourage actions and engagement.

Optimize your business page – Take full advantage of the opportunity to fully optimize your page description and your About section. Include links to other sites you own, as well as other social channels, such as YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Make sure they know who you are!

Publish often – If you don’t care enough to come around frequently, neither will anyone else. You should always be publishing often and cross promoting with other social channels. Think about using paid ads on posts that get interest; as this can grow your fans exponentially.

Engage with the people – Nothing says you care like talking directly to people who comment, question or otherwise engage with you. Your behavior here determines the success of your social media initiative. Directly asking for comments, shares or other actions have a long track record of success.

Doing these simple tasks can set you up for an engaging page that will keep visitors returning repeatedly to see what else you have to share.