How Does Google Business Photos Benefit You?

Increase Traffic to Your Site and Store with Google Business Photos

A new option to make your Google+ Local listings differentiate themselves from the crowd has been introduced, and it’s called Google Business Photos. This is a series of photos of your place of business, taken in a panoramic style and placed on your search, Google+ page, and Maps entries. There is also the option of placing it on your site and Facebook or other social media accounts.

How does Google Business Photos benefit you?

Implementing this can help you in a number of ways. First, it can help create more trust in searchers. They are able to see your business in all its glory, and get a feel for the type of place you have. It’s as if you’re welcoming them inside. Second, it really makes your listings stand apart from the crowd. You may have done well and gotten yourself on the first page of Google, but this listing, featuring a panoramic shot of your business, will be by far the most interesting item on that page. Third, you’ll benefit from the authority Google will assign your business. You’re going to be recognized as the primary site for your brand, which will help in several ways, not the least of which is reputation management.

How do you get started with Google Business Photos?

It’s tempting to run straight out and start snapping away with your camera, but you should know that Google requires these images to be made by a Google Business Photos Trusted Photographer. That’s mouthful to say that these professional photographers are already trained in how to create these for Google. You need to hire one on your own, but it’s worth the money, as they will know how to present your business in a way that will work well on Google. You set the appointment, and then plan on “staging” your shoot. It usually takes about an hour, and Google wants to see as few humans in them as is possible, we’re talking ambience and atmosphere, minus people here.

If this sounds like a great way to enhance your Google+ Local listing, then you need to get the ball rolling today!