Does A Business Need to Bother with Twitter?

Perhaps like many other small business people you have been either confused or on the fence about the value of using Twitter in your marketing efforts. This is understandable, since on the surface it appears to be nothing more than a fantastic way to kill some time, with minimal return on investment of time and money. The truth lies a little further under the surface though, and in reality Twitter does offer value for small business, if you’re able to develop and consistently execute your marketing strategy. Let’s check out what’s crucial in that strategy, and how it can pay off for your small business.

See these 7 ways Twitter could help your small business!

  1. Utilize your Twitter profile for all it’s worth – Making sure your profile highlights who you are and what you do is a great way to get off to a good start with your audience on Twitter. Use the opportunity to make a great first impression and leave links to your website or pages.
  2. Connect with the influencers in your market – A main goal of any twitter strategy is to make it your business to discover and connect with the people who matter in your market. Not a brief task, but an important one that can really pay off down the road.
  3. Use videos and images – Don’t overlook the fact that videos and images actually drive three to four more times more clicks on Twitter.
  4. Employ Promoted Tweets – This is an amazing way to find and connect with your ideal audience. Take care however not to be spammy or hammer people with ads constantly.
  5. Engage the people – Simply because you are a company doesn’t relieve you of any social interaction obligation. If you’d like a good following that will respond when you have something helpful to say or sell, heed this!
  6. Use Retweeting and hashtags – One simple way to help connect with and establish your own reputation as a thought leader in your space is by retweeting and using hashtags to tie into content. Be sure to contribute your own thoughts in the process.
  7. Give before taking – We all know how easy it can be to want to sell, sell, sell. Do yourself a favor and supress that down and follow the formula of give, give, give, give, sell. You’ll create more trust, sell more and succeed in the end.