Coax More Clicks from Your Social Media Postings

Social media is a wonderful thing, and even though it can be a struggle to work it into your day, it can reap rewards that just didn’t exist even a couple of years ago.

So after all the effort to make sure that you’re posting regularly to your special mix of social media channels, whatever that is for your business, you discover that these posts are not producing what you hope, namely clicks to whatever it is you want to send them to, you’re ready to pull out your hair and chuck the whole social media campaign into the trash can.

Instead, take a look at a few ways you can coax a click from your readers, and get started on making social media work the way it’s supposed to.

3 Ways to get more clicks from your social media posts

Use calls to action – You’ll want to actively ask for the click and the share. Don’t just assume that because what you have waiting for them on the other side is awesome that they’ll somehow know this and be led to click. Let them know what to do! It’s not pushy, it’s marketing. Use the power of their subconscious to your benefit; people will often do just as instructed, if instructed.

Give them something to look at – These days all of us love to watch videos, look at images, pore over infographics and otherwise engage visually. Often you can kill two birds with one stone with just the promise of a video or infographic that can be had for a click, which gets you both what you want.

What’s in it for me? – People need a compelling reason to click through. This is when you can make the decision very easy for them by offering a valuable bribe that practically guarantees the click. The only way this doesn’t work is if your call to action is weak or nonexistent, or you don’t deliver real, relevant value. There’s nothing that will draw the wrath of a reader faster than a marketer who is attempting to deceive, so be sure the bribe matches their interests.