How to Build a High-Converting Landing Page

It is easier than ever to set up a landing page these days, with tons of tools out there to develop beautiful pages with a few simple clicks.

But what if you want it to actually convert customers into sales or other actions? That’s somewhat more involved, and has a few necessary steps associated with it. Let’s see what goes into a highly converting landing page.

6 Tips for better conversions from your landing pages

  • Compelling headline – This is the first thing anyone reads on your landing page, and it needs to evoke a response that gets readers to read on, and eventually take the action you want. It needs to explain your offer, and why it’s exactly what they need.
  • Eye-catching image or video – We love to watch, and these days video landing pages are the highest converting flavor out there.
  • Benefits – Not features, but benefits that are what the customer is looking for. Use bullet points so your reader can quickly scan the benefits they’ll be receiving, versus a large chunk of text.
  • Strong call to action – Make sure you include a strongly worded call to action that leaves no question as to what they do next. This principle also extends to the buy or download buttons: don’t settle for Buy Now. Make the text the natural next step for them. Use color to make your buttons stand out, as well.
  • Testimonials – Social proof in the form of satisfied customers or clients is often the tipping point in your favor. You don’t need a page worth; just one or two to help out.
  • Scarcity – No one want to miss out on something that they really want and truly need, so make this the case with your offer. Limited time offers, X amount copies, and other scarcity tactics will work well in your favor here. However, try to be as truthful as you can here. No one likes false scarcity, and it’ll be unlikely they’ll trust you as much again.