5 Call To Action Mistakes

There is nothing more discouraging than spending countless hours crafting great products and services and then have them languish at the mercy of a poor call to action. Sometimes regardless of how great your service or product or how clever your sales copy, if you aren’t skilled at placing a compelling call to action exactly where it needs to be at the exact right time, very little will happen. Let’s examine 5 common call to action blunders, and how you can avoid them.

5 Call to action mistakes to avoid like the plague

Missing in action call to action – It would certainly surprise you to see how many sales pages or opt-in pages are totally absent a call to action. There might be a Buy Now button, but there is more to your call to action than that, I hope.

Not asking with authority – You have to speak with the authority of one confident enough in their products and services to recommend them whole-heartedly. Focus on the benefits they will receive, and why it’s an ideal solution for their needs.

Only one per page – Please don’t make the mistake of selling more than one action per page. If you are seeking a sale, or some other action, make sure that is the only purpose for that page. Competing offers cancel each other out.

No social proof – Have you got any testimonials or satisfied customer reviews or comments? Surrounding your call to action with social proof of this nature can often swing the sale your direction. Everybody loves credibility.

Your call to action blends in too well – If you done such an excellent job designing your call to action to fit in visually with your site that it becomes invisible, you’ve done yourself a disservice. Make sure your call to action pops out as something they need to do, right now!

Take the time to make sure you avoid these mistakes that will end up costing you customers and sales. Your business will thank you for it.