Reputation Marketing

Online Reviews WILL Help You Get A Tons Of New Clients!

Whether you market aggressively offline with flyers, direct mail, radio, newspapers – maybe you network like crazy handing out stacks of business cards every week – even if you are using pay-per-click ads, facebook ads, online display ads or any other type of online marketing…

“People are going to Google you!”

And to put it simply,

5 Star Reputation Will Increase The ROI On ALL Your Marketing Efforts!

Most local business owners are not aware of the enormous changes Google has made recently, all geared towards reputation and social interaction. Simply put, the more positive reviews that you have displayed on Google and other major review sites, the more leads, customers and sales you will have!

So how do you do you get an 5 Star Reputation online?

Step 1… Generate New Reviews

Tools To Generate More Reviews

Our service provides you with custom tools to help you generate reviews from current and past clients. We include custom postcard, business card, and email templates, all designed to generate more reviews from your satisfied clients.

Custom Feedback and Review Portal

As part of our Reputation Marketing package, we will build you a custom feedback portal. This will help you generate new reviews quickly and easily! A client can post their review to your site in a matter of minutes, without the need to register.

When you have completed your service with a customer, you can hand your client a QR code and have them type in a review right on the spot from their mobile device!

With your own review portal, you can also mail or email your clients the portal link so they can provide feedback for you at their convenience. Your feedback portal makes it easy for someone to give you a review. It also looks clean and professional.

Step 2… Marketing Your Reviews

This is where our services are VERY unique!

First we use proprietary systems and strategies to help get your client’s to post their reviews on all the major review sites. But then our team goes to work and markets all of the feedback your clients provide to all of the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and we even immortalized your 5 Star reviews as powerfully responsive images and post them to the very popular photo sharing sites like Pinterest, Flickr and Photobucket.

We even help you get video reviews on YouTube that we then stream along with your other online reviews onto your website and your sales page of blog. Talk about letting your happy clients do all the selling for you!

Our team will also set up and optimize your Google business page, Youtube channel, and other major review sites. This helps you with search engine rankings, and increases the number of sites where your new reviews can be displayed.

Bottom Line

Don’t wait for your competition to catch up – ACT NOW!

Most local businesses have very few Google reviews, if any at all! Some businesses just have reviews on one industry specific site. While this is good, many more people are looking on Google, Yelp, and other major review sites. If your reviews are not being seen on the right sites you’re missing massive exposure, and losing lots of new clients.

When a consumer is looking for an reputable local business they can trust, you want all paths to lead back to you. With a 5 star reputation and loads of good reviews, their choice will be clear!

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